170% Increase In Britons Needing Food Handouts In Past Year

As stated in the FT today there had been a surge to 350,000 people requiring help from foodbanks, up from 130,000 in the past year. As understated inflation and the war on low income families through austerity measures starts to take hold, this problem will continue to grow like a malignant tumour.

Courtesy of the FT:

The 170 per cent surge in demand for food handouts will fuel debate over the impact of government austerity on poorer households, amid concerns about the effect on demand as consumers cut back on everyday spending.

For policy makers, the high proportion of emergency food going to working households illustrates the wider trend in the post-recession job market, where many new jobs are part time, temporary and low paid – meaning even those in work sometimes struggle to put food on the table.

On food bank manager noted… “We are being so pressured to fill the gap that is now being created by the welfare reforms – and we’re not that.

“the fundamental thing is that more and more people are living an increasingly precarious life financially.”

Austerity measures are not working and they are hurting some of the most vulnerable members in our society. It is about time the government target the true parasites and free-loaders in our society and stop legal tax avoidance. Courtesy of the Guardian with no comment required.



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