The Legacy and the Lies

Margaret Thatcher was born a fishmongers daughter in 1925 and rose to power as Prime Minister 1979-1990. She is one of the most decisive figures in our current history and like marmite you either love her or hate her. When she came to power on the 4th of May 1979 and upon arriving at 10 Downing Street she is quoted as saying:

“Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope.”


My grandad was a miner on my mums side and my great-grandads were a miner and a ship builder, my allegiances were set from an early age, I dislike Thatcher and her policies. She didn’t bring harmony, nor truth or faith but plenty of despair to the people of the North. She destroyed Northern communities without a bat of the eye.

I’d like to look at her policies and what she did during her tenure as a British PM. My dislike rests not on what the mainstream media spouts as gospel, which are just perverted and bastardised truths.

The Economic Facts

When Thatcher came to power North Sea Oil was really starting to boom. Through North Sea Oil, instead of creating a sovereign wealth fund, such as what Norway and Statoil implemented, taxes were kept artificially low and £450 billion of the UK’s money was squandered! Please view Max Keiser E430 on YouTube.


I’d like to compare Thatchers economic record to other PMs of the time. Her record on unemployment and inflation is not great to look at, surprisingly the war criminal aka Tony Blair had a better record. Thatcher’s economic focus was on GDP and employment, not inflation and interest rates. You can make your own mind up.



Next up to consider the effect she had on strikes. It is common knowledge that she destroyed the unions, union membership has almost halved since 1979 to 6.7 million in 2011, according to the Department for Business Innovation & Skills. Though one benefit of lower rates of striking and an easier to hire and fire policy would be an increase in foreign investment as working conditions were more stable. A positive yes but how she went about it, was totally lacking compassion for the common man.


The British have always been an innovative little Island, but we have lost a lot of our manufacturing capability and this was the path Thatcher lead us down. Through her policies we have become more reliant on the fraudulent city of London and the service sector. Concentrating on demand side economic stimulus instead of the supply side. This will hurt us as a nation in the long run unless something is done to turn the tide.

She de-regulated the financial institutions in the City and destroyed Britain’s manufacturing base but how did she do this? In a nutshell she raised interest rates, which lead to an appreciation of the currency as investors and savers alike put money into the UK system. This in turn decreased the competitiveness of the pound and lead to the coal mines, ship yards etc closing. The UK financial sector is the most corrupt in the world now.


Lastly I come to equality or should I say inequality? She set us on this path and that is how her legacy should be remembered.


‘The Thatcher administration’s decision to put growth first, regardless of the cost to people or the planet, meant doing away with boring, cautious banking, removing regulation, permitting integration, encouraging financialization and demonizing scrutiny by “red tape” bureaucrats. London, like Wall Street, loved all that and shared the love with politicians. Influence scandals, corruption and the crash economy grew. And where the money went, so went the media and the press’.

Qualitative Facts of Office

Thatcher never lifted a finger to help the ANC throw off apartheid. She stood back as racism was industrialised in South Africa. She refused to even meet Nelson Mandela, quoted as saying he was no better than the terrorists of the IRA.

Thatcher also introduced Section 28. Straight from wiki:

‘The amendment stated that a local authority “shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality” or “promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship”.[2]As it did not create a criminal offence, no prosecution was ever brought under this provision, but its existence caused many groups to close or limit their activities or self-censor. For example, a number of lesbian, gay and bisexual student support groups in schools and colleges across Britain were closed owing to fears by council legal staff that they could breach the Act.[3]’

Thatcher supplied and trained the Khmer Rouge in Thailand, they had already slaughtered between 1 million and 3 million people in Cambodia. Is this the behaviour of a true and just woman? She decided to arm and train these genocidal beasts because the Vietnamese had driven them out. It was this protection of the Khmer Rouge, by Thatcher and Reagan, which has led to almost none of them having ever been brought to justice.

Thatcher applauded Pinochet for “bringing democracy to Chile”. Unfortunately for Chile, that action happened to involve a military coup, the murder of its elected President, Salvadore Allende, and the disappearance, slaughter and rape of thousands of its citizens.
At this point I’d recommend reading Shock Doctrine by Naomi Kline, it’s heavy going but gives you a better understanding of the economic policies at the time. It’s been put into a movie on YouTube: Shock Doctrine:Rise of Disaster Capitalism

The issue with her policies boils down to her choice of economic policies, the policies of Milton Friedman and the Chicago boys. In a nutshell Friedman decreed through his ‘freemarket’ policies that in order to develop an economy it must be shocked into action and the results were always disastrous for the lower classes. A lot of contempt for Thatcher is derived from this, she showed no remorse for the human cost to her policies. If you wish to delve deeper the govt in 1980-81 had M3 targets (essentially all currency, savings etc) which weren’t working, remember the lady is not for turning! Compare this to the current government who will not adjust this austerity policy even though it is destroying the country day by day. Even the IMF says, but for what that’s worth is another matter.

I don’t want to leave out Brown or Blair, both should be locked up. Brown for selling most of Britains gold, known as Browns bottom, nowt like destroying a countries sovereign wealth, what little was left. Mr Blair, a war criminal and culpable on so many levels.

Thatcher labeled Trade Unionists as “the enemy within”, thus labeling large sections of our society as the enemy. Human being vs human being over their right to work and who had no idea of the policies which lead to this.

She certainly decided that the rich must be helped, so she reduced income tax and increased VAT to compensate. This reduced the proportion of tax paid by the rich, and increased the proportion paid by the poor. She then decided that Council Tax should stop being levied according to the value of peoples property, but be changed into a Poll Tax so that everyone paid the same flat rate, millionaire and worker alike.


She signed the Single European Act, to allow more power to the Council of Ministers and to the Commission which lead to the creation of common European foreign policies, and policies on justice and home affairs. The SEA inevitably led to an increase in the structural funding – something Thatcher’s vote had enabled – and then claimed credit for getting a rebate!

Then came the diversion from all this misery and civil unrest: the Falklands war where we went to war with the despot and desperate leader of a tin pot country

After reading this I’d like you to consider the fact that she had Christmas dinner with Jimmy Saville on several occasions, some t’interweb sources say 11, as well as lunch engagements. A known pedophile and necrophilliac. In my opinion you can tell a person by the company they keep, as they have things in common!?!?

We as a species of human beings should never forget the Blacks, Cambodians, Chileans, Gays, Trade Unionists, Miners, Shipbuilders and ordinary working folk whose lives were not only consciously destroyed by her policies but have had their memories defamed. Lest not forget the children who have had a worse start in life than what they should of and their children…..a tragic human cost.

Thatcher set us down a path which I find morally repugnant and void of compassion for the fellow man. She didn’t deserve a state burial, it should come out of her estate, the country is bankrupt with a debt to GDP ratio of 900%. The mainstream media will not tell you this either.

Lastly, journalism, proper investigative journalism used to be a honourable job. I thought the Beeb was one of these institutions but it is no longer free. I was disgusted due to the fact that they didn’t play the ‘Witch is dead’ song but did play the pro Thatcher song which came in at no.35 if I remember correctly…where is the free speech? We no longer live in a fair or free society! It is time to realise that we are being lied to on such a monumental level, the only thing which can save us now is a revolution in thinking.

Margaret Thatcher had a very strong belief in the term consensus and I quote “The process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values, and policies in search of something in which no one believes, but to which no one objects.”

I think it’s about time the consensus on Maggie is changed by knowledge and truth. Compare the image below which was sent to me by Jan. We seem to worship the worst people in society and forget about the good. RIP Clement Attlee, you should be having a museum named after you and not Thatcher.


History is written by the victors, support the truth. Its not a case of blue vs red, it’s a matter for our conscience to decide and then act upon.


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