Today’s under reported UK news

First piece of news was shared with me by Sarah. In the Guardian today The Disability Ruling reveals new depth of political dishonesty.  Quoting directly from the article:

“In court 28 of the Royal Courts of Justice this morning, a decision was reached about the independent living fund. Worth £320 million a year, it’s currently controlled by the Department for Work and Pensions and intended to ensure that 20,000 people with severe disabilities can live as independently as possible. Following a consultation last year, the government announced that it was going to scrap it. The case was brought by five ILF users on the basis that the consultation was inadequate, and didn’t fulfil its public-sector equality duty.

During the hearing the claimants discovered that the consultation wasn’t the half of it: the DWP was forced to disclose that the main reason for closing down the fund was that the money simply wouldn’t be there after 2015. Since the department had always publicly said that it wasn’t stopping the money but merely moving it to local authorities in the name of efficiency, this information was certainly new, if not unexpected.”


Also kept relatively under wraps was the news of the NHS Privitisation which has passed through the lords. It seems that the powers that be want to destroy the values of this country are built upon. A quick Fact check on current private ambulance usage and the costs. A sad day indeed


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