Syrian Terrorists

It’s interesting how one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.  The conflict in Syria has been raging on for the last 2 years with human causulities, estimated at between 60,000 – 80,000. The under reported news that the Al Nusra front, who are fighting against the Syrian army, have joined up the ‘fun for all the family’ Al Qaeda to oust President Basher as reported by the BBC.

NATO forces are backing the rebels who are hard line jihadists and want to bring Sharia law to Syria, a previously moderate country. A simple question is how can the UK, US, France, Israel et al back the enemy they are fighting in Afghanistan? Hypocrisy of the highest level to further their agenda. David Cameron is therefore backing terrorism making the UK a terrorist backing country. Shame on the government and shame on the media for not holding out government to account.



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