Are UKIP a real alternative or does Nigel Farage look like Admiral Ackbar?

With the recent gains that UKIP have made in local elections, are they actually a real alternative or just another puppet front?



Straight from their website:

‘UKIP calls for an end to the age of mass, uncontrolled immigration. Since 1997 immigration has added almost four million new people to the British population; this figure does not include illegal immigrants, the exact number of which is unknown but is probably at least one million and possibly much higher.’

Basically they don’t like foreigners and in particular ‘sandy looking people’. It’s easier to blame our problems on foreign immigrants rather than actually putting the blame at the politicians feet for poor policy.


“18 pence in the pound goes on servicing government debt.” Untrue as expenditure is 3% of GDP or 6% of public sector spending.

The coalition boasts it has cut the annual deficit by 25%, yet anyone with a calculator and an IQ of 4+ can figure out to reduce national debt the reduction needs to be 125% otherwise it continues to grow. A 100% reduction would balance the books, and lead to no debt in the long run but this is not how our debt based system works.

“Historically, time and again, it has been proven that reduction in tax rates boosts the economy and paradoxically does not reduce the tax take.” Complete lies.

“The earnings of employed people are not a legitimate target for taxation”, sounds good, inheritance tax they want to abolish and corporation tax which they want to reduce. Sounds very Tory.


UKIP are in favour of bolstering military spending.

Same sex marriage

They’re against same-sex marriage because they don’t want religions to be forced to marry homosexual couples, which wouldn’t happen and they don’t want the government to interfere in marriage. Just ridiculous.


Climate change denial

“More and more scientists are challenging the conventional wisdom on Global Warming.”

“The slight warming in the last hundred years is entirely consistent with well- established, long-term natural climate cycles — the Roman Optimum, the Dark Ages, the Mediæval Warm Period, the Little Ice Age. And now we seem to be moving into a new, natural 21st century optimum”

“We do not however regard CO 2 as a pollutant. It is a natural trace gas in the atmosphere which is essential to plant growth and life on earth. ”

ECHR Stance

I’ve discussed this previously in my blog but this is a brief list of instances where the ECHR has held the government to account when British courts and laws were insufficient:

Requiring that when somebody is killed by the state there must be a proper independent investigation, and that armed personnel should be trained properly (McCann et al v UK)

Preventing the government informing paramilitaries they know will kill someone of that individual’s location, to execute by proxy (Shaghan v UK)

You can’t put an ethnic individual in a cell with a racist offender and take bets on how long he’ll last (he died) (R on the application of Amin v SSHD)

It led to safeguards and legal standards for wiretapping (Malone v UK)

You can’t “interrogate” prisoners by forcing them into certain positions or depriving them of light and sound (Ireland v UK)

The legalisation of homosexuality in Northern Ireland (Dudgeon v UK)

Stopping contempt of court from infringing on freedom of the press (Sunday Times v UK)

The mentally ill who voluntarily commit themselves to an institution are owed the same duty – suicide watch etc – as those who are sectioned (Rabone v Pennine Care)

Ensuring that existing prisoners still get access to solicitors (Golder v UK)

Ensuring that workers maintain rights to join trade unions (Wilson v UK)

Giving the police an obligation to act if somebody is being dangerously stalked (Osman v UK)

Preventing indefinite detention under the declaration of a national emergency (A v SOS for the Home Dept).

Preventing public birching of children by the police in the Isle of Man (Tyrer v UK)

Retention of DNA & fingerprint data by the state must have limitations (S & Marper vs UK)

So the ECHR has held the government to account but they wish to abolish it, this is a draconian step backwards and I look at this move as morally repugnant.

So are UKIP a real alternative? No they are not, they’re just hard line Tories with no real policies for change. Does Nigel Farage look like Admiral Ackbar….yes he does.




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