20 MPs believe they are above austerity

As reported in the Telegraph, 20 MPs have pocketed over £1 million in the sale of their second homes that were funded by the tax-payer. The UK is broke but these parasites insist on sucking out as much as they can.

Nick Clegg, often referred to as the thinking mans idiot, handed all the profit he made on the sale of his second home back to the House of Commons authorities in 2011. Fairplay to him for doing the right thing and I applaud his actions!


Unlike Stewart Jackson £54k (Conservative), David Gauke £67k (Conservative) but asked to pay back 27k, Lorely Burt £180k (Lib Dem), Malcolm Bruce £110k, Ronnie Campbell £90k, Angela Smith (Labour) £170k, Hazel Blears (Labour) £120k and Alan Whitehead £89k (Labour).

Why are these people not being held to account by their constituents or the media? Is there a new dancing dog in the Sun or the Mirror that is more important than this? Martin Bell, the former MP who has campaigned for greater transparency on MP expenses et al, said that MPs should repay any profit they make on the properties.

“It’s an open and shut case, of course they should pay it back. There is the spirit of the law, why are they making a personal profit from allowances which they receive from the taxpayer? In this case they very clearly are.”

A total of 29 MPs have been asked to repay profits made since 2010, under new rules that came into effect after the expenses scandal, figures published by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority. If these MPs really cared about the country they’d pay it back and if being a politician wasn’t about lining your pockets at the expense of the country, we wouldn’t have many politicians, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.


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