Politicians, Statistics, the Spin and the Lies

It’s comes as no surprise that the current government would blatantly lie to the public. It’s what it does, anyone with half an ounce of common sense can see inflation is not 2.8%; food, petrol, heating and electricity have not been rising at that level but much higher.

As reported in the Guardian on Sunday, IDS or Ian Duncan Smith had been at it again…

Duncan Smith’s belief that the welfare state holds down the very people it is meant to serve is pleasing to Conservative ears. To maintain his supporters’ illusions, he has to lie. Last week, the UK Statistics Authority gave him a reprimand that broke from the genteel language of the civil service. The work and pensions secretary had claimed that his department’s cap on benefits was turning scroungers into strivers – even before it had come into force. “Already we have seen 8,000 people who would have been affected by the cap move into jobs.” How sweet those words must have sounded to Conservative ears. The government was forcing the feckless to stop sponging off hard-working taxpayers. (Taxpayers are always “hard working” in British politics, in case you haven’t noticed. We never try to get by doing the bare minimum.)

The figures did not show that, the statistics authority said. More to the point, they could not possibly have shown that. Duncan Smith’s claims were “unsupported” by the very statistics his department had collected.


So more lies and spin to give the appearance that his policies are working but they’re not. There will be a proportion of people who do game the benefit system but IDS is a public servant paid into by the British taxpayer. Why is he not being held to account for blatant lies to the public, has he no shame or is this the modus operandi of how the current government works? The article goes onto say:

It is not just Duncan Smith. The health secretary says he will stop foreign “health tourists” costing the NHS hundreds of millions. He has no reputable evidence to support that figure. David Cameron says he wants tax breaks for married couples, when there is no evidence whatsoever that they encourage lovers to marry.

The policies may not work, the ills they seek to combat and the benefits they hope to reap may be illusory. But fear holds Conservatives in its grip and the general election is drawing closer. When pressed, they say that they want to “flag up” their support of marriage, “signal” their dislike of scroungers or “send a message” to illegal immigrants.

Our language has been so corrupted by the euphemisms of advertising and public relations that we no longer realise that what they mean is that they intend to lie.

So this behaviour, devoid of morals or truth, is widespread and taking from this article, again from the Guardian on Monday, Mr Gove has been caught out lying to further his agenda of syllabus change for the national curriculum.

The education secretary, Michael Gove, has come under fire for citing PR-commissioned opinion polls as evidence of teenagers’ ignorance of key historical events. Gove’s department has admitted he cited polls originating from Premier Inn and UKTV Gold press releases.

Gove said in a Mail on Sunday article in March: “Survey after survey has revealed disturbing historical ignorance, with one teenager in five believing Winston Churchill was a fictional character while 58% think Sherlock Holmes was real.”

The comments prompted Janet Downs, who describes herself as a grandparent and retired teacher, to send a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the Department for Education asking for the evidence to support Gove’s claim. Three weeks later, the department wrote back to say “unfortunately, I am not able to provide you with the details of the survey as it was commissioned and conducted by UKTV Gold”.


So there we have it, lying on welfare, health and education, not that these subjects are of any importance to the country, our children or their children. We seem to have slipped into a scenario where lying is acceptable to get you where you need to be.

What is that implying about ourselves, our supposed leaders and to our children? Is it acceptable to lie in order to get what you want? No it’s not and shows the moral vacuum left by policies and politicians over many years. When did the truth become a non entity to the argument and when did the UK population become so apathetic?

Ignorance and apathy rule over truth and justice, Great Britain what a fall from grace, covered in lying parasitic politicians and their ilk. Hold these people to account for the sake of our future and our children’s future.


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