Europes Lost Generations

Europes lost generation, a lack of jobs through political ineptitude, corruption, arrogance, ignorance and a lack of foresight. A media who are not impartial, feeding the public half truths, dancing dogs and celebrities that are famous for famous sake. What is brewing over on the continent is a steep downward path and setting up further generations to be lost as cannon fodder.

Keep an eye on France, their banking system is 400% bigger than its actual economy and this is the worst ratio in all of the EU. A 75% tax rate on the wealthiest which has caused many entrepreneurs and job creators to leave the country and will stifle growth for the future. Not forgetting the socialist Mr Hollande is increasing social programs, adding more sovereign debt, raising their equivalent of social security payments and lowering the retirement age which will compound further how messed up things are in the land of baguettes and stripey T-shirts. On the plus side they have over 2000 tonnes of gold that the banking cartel will happily confiscate when it all falls to pieces.



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