War by Proxy…Syria, UK and Russia

From an article in the FT after Russia’s first shipment of S300 anti-air rockets and the deaths of American and British citizens, it seems as if the situation in Syria is escalating behind the scenes. The ‘war by proxy’ is growing in intensity as the UK will ship arms to some of the rebel factions in Syria this summer. Don’t worry we’ll be giving these weapons to the good rebels, don’t think so. These weapons and ammo will go to the better fighters, the hard line jihadists such as Jabhat al Nusra (aligned with Al Qaeda) and the Farouq brigade. The rebels are a mish mash of different groups but rebels were caught in Turkey with a 2 kilo Sarin nerve gas canister but apparently it is Assads forces using them. The pretext of this war reminds me of Iraq, any excuse to invade.


The US, the land of the free led by a fascist patsy, had secretly undertaken significant lobbying efforts of EU member states to get the EU arms embargo amended and this week, Britain and France forced through that deal opening the door for the supply of weapons. I’m truly saddened by the UKs involvement and supporting terrorists in Syria but Russia has waded in again as MiG aircraft makers on Friday said that it planned to sign a new agreement to ship at least 10 fighter jets to Syria. This war has been going on for 2 years and the more nations that interfere, the longer it goes on and the casualties pile up.

Britain’s Foreign Office insists that no final decision on whether to arm the rebels has yet been made. But a senior UK diplomat told the Financial Times that Britain could be in a position to arm the rebels this summer if, as many expect, the planned peace conference in Geneva fails to make headway.

“The precise timing has not yet been finalised and no decision has yet been taken. But we are likely to be … shipping arms to the rebels by August,” the official said. “What I expect is that over the next two or three months western powers will move low-grade arms supplies in bulk to the rebels. The rebels need ammunition, and a lot of it, just to keep fighting.”

Syrian rebel sources are also saying they are expecting the first new arms supplies to come from Britain as early as this summer.

Russia’s MiG aircraft maker said on Friday that it planned to sign a new agreement to ship at least 10 fighter jets to Syria, a move that comes amid international criticism of earlier Russian weapons deals with the Assad regime

Russia has said it is only providing Assad with weapons intended to protect Syria from a foreign invasion, such as air defence missile systems.

Syria now is Russia’s last remaining ally in the Middle East and hosts the only naval base Moscow has outside the former Soviet Union.


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