Truth about America…truth about us…

A prisoner does not complain when he cannot see the bars…A great article on the US

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At times like this, with obfuscation and dis-tractions flying fast and furious, it’s crucial to understand how we got here. I’ve written a lot about the physical, meta-physical and what I call somato-spiritual aspects of our decline as a species, as a people and sadly and most importantly as in-dividuals.

Please pay attention to that last word. Individual. That which cannot be divided.

Of course, a cursory look at the mirror will tell us otherwise. A more than cursory look at the mirror of our mind tells us even more. Our inner mirror lies in a million pieces. We are instruments at effect, not engines of cause. Slave to convenience, slaves to fear, slaves to peer pressure, slaves to gods and prophets with clay feet and all. If interested, you can take the time to dig through early posts here, which expand a lot on the issues above. And…

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