Tritium Measurement In Fukushima Bay Highest Ever As TEPCO Admits 40 Trillion Becquerels Have Spilled Into Pacific

As the under reported Fukushima disaster continues to unfold, the world is blissfully unaware of how much radiation is leaking into the Pacific. Our leaders say nothing and the media only tow the line. While the safe level of radiation is 1-13 millisieverts per year, the level of radiation at the site was estimated at 100 millisieverts per hour. This is leaking into our oceans and will pollute our food sources in the Pacific. I will be boycotting all food from the Pacific but the story gets a lot worse with no solution in sight after 3 years….


Courtesy of RT:

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has detected the highest radiation level in seawater collected in the harbor of the crippled nuclear plant in the past 15 days, Nikkei reports.

TEPCO said the highest radiation level was detected near reactor 1. Previous measurements showed tritium levels at 3800 becquerels per liter near reactor 1, and 2600 becquerels per liter near reactor 2. The concentration of tritium in the harbor’s seawater has been continuously rising since May, according to Nikkei.

Also on Monday, a leak of highly contaminated water was discovered from a drain valve of a tank dike located on the premises of the nuclear plant, according to Fukushima’s operator responsible for the clean-up.

The level of radiation at the site was estimated at 100 millisieverts per hour, while the safe level of radiation is 1-13 millisieverts per year, according to ITAR-TASS news agency. The plant’s operator is currently investigating reasons for the leak, TEPCO said in a statement.

Earlier, Tepco admitted that an estimated 20 to 40 trillion becquerels of tritium may have flowed into the Pacific Ocean since the nuclear disaster.

Protective barriers installed to prevent the flow of toxic water into the ocean have failed to do so. The level of contaminated water has already risen to 60cm above the barriers, which has been a major cause of the daily leak of toxic substances, TEPCO admitted.

Japan’s Ministry of Industry recently estimated that around 300 tons of contaminated groundwater has been seeping into the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis. TEPCO has promised to reinforce protective shields to keep radioactive leaks at bay.

So with Tritium, Strontium and Caesium leaking into the ocean, several reactors are claimed to be burning through their foundations and Tepco proposing to cover it in a tarp or freeze the entire site in some epic sci-fi way which will never work. The longer this drags on, the many more thousands of people will be killed. We need world wide cooperation on this, led by scientists and industry experts, not politicians….If the world knows the name Chernobyl, it will never forget Fukushima.

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