DWP Reveals The Real Agenda Behind Universal Credit And Welfare Reform

More undeniable proof that our illustrious leaders no longer represent the people and are leading many to the kleptocracy abattoir. Bring on the revolution, its time to reset the system.

the void

greedy-bossFor over two years now Iain Duncan Smith has been pretending that his brutal and bodged welfare reforms have been about encouraging people back to work and making that work pay.

Throughout this period it has often been suggested that a more brutal social security system is really intended to increase competition for jobs and allow employers to force down wages and working conditions for everyone.  Vastly increased benefit conditionality has led to hundreds of thousands of benefit claims being stopped or sanctioned.  With workfare or destitution the only option left for those unable to find a job, exploitative employers have free reign to treat workers like shit, knowing full well if they leave, or are sacked, they will face increasingly desperate poverty.

Few have been cynical enough to suggest that Universal Credit will also make it easier for employers to casualise their existing workforce and make it easier to…

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