The deep perversion of language…

A concise and thought provoking article on language and how it can be bastardised to support social engineering. A quality read.

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Someone recently wrote a comment that I chose not to publish (due to it’s tone), deeply critical of my writing. And I looked over my old writing and saw a greater flow to the writing. Longer sentences, completed thoughts.

Recently, like a sputtering word-smith. Brrrrrp…….brrrrrrp……

Interesting. Very different quality and I agreed with the commentator at one level.

As always, the flow caught me and got me thinking about language in general. We ARE because of language. It is the densification of sound, giving form to this world we in-habit. And it really is just that. A habit.

Over and over, like religion, again and again, spoken into existence. I think therefor I am.

Cogito ergo sum.


I looked around and at myself and realized, that believing the above to be axiomatic (if there is a Yog I have practiced deeply, it’s Naad Yog, the Yog of Sound), I KNOW…

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