US and Europe Debt per Capita

The US debt ceiling debacle was not only amusing for those spectators who see this collective scam facade, known as the US government cartel but damaging to it financially, socially, domestically and internationally. Well what do you expect when you ‘print’ money at 0% interest rates, all you get is mountains of debt and a misallocation of resources. America has amounted a debt per capita of $50,000 for every man, woman and child but how has that mounted over time?


Well under Obama, ‘Yes You Can’ put your children into permanent debt but how does that compare to Europe and why is it so much worse for our brothers and sisters in Ireland? We in the UK are in debt to a tune of $148,000 per person which is ridiculous, I did not consent to this but Ireland is almost 3 times as indebted as us.


This is proof that we are on an unsustainable path and we need to start talking alternatives, before we are all into deep and there is no alternative.


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