UK unemployment benefit less generous than Romania, Albania and the US

Courtesy of The Dorset Eye:

Well now. Here’s an interesting ranking of countries, according to how generous their unemployment benefits are, for the first year after workers have lost their jobs.

Quite contrary to the spin we constantly receive from the mainstream press et al about how generous the UK is with unemployment benefits, the fact is we actually rank lower in generosity than countries like Romania, Albania and even the US.

Here’s the ranking – with the most generous countries at the top (you have to go right to the bottom to find the UK):


For more details of how the list was compiled – have a look at this excellent website:

World ranking in Unemployment Benefit replacement rates

The data by the way, is taken from a study compiled for the IMF – before anyone starts accusing me of peddling left-wing propaganda.

I don’t know about you, but I think it would be nice to see a few real facts being allowed to surface in the debate about welfare reform – instead of the ill-informed spin and propaganda that passes for debate on benefits we’re getting at the moment in the UK.

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