About Me

I’ve been on a journey since I was born, that was to experience and enjoy life. My one true goal in life is to be happy but I realised that the world I live in, is not the world that is advertised on TV. That my happiness will be reduced to only sadness if we continue on this environmental, financial, moral, political, scientific and socially bankrupt path.

Change is coming, for better or for worse and it is upon this impending change that a choice must be made by all of us. Stick with the system, or not. I have already made my decision as I could not bare to look my family and friends in the eye, knowing that I could have at least tried to change course.

I call for a return to sound money, common law and the pursuit of freedom, happiness, knowledge, laughter, liberty and love. This is what I will settle for and it’s not a lot to ask for.

3 thoughts on “About Me

    • It’s a big pond but if you wave I think I’ll be able to see you ha
      I do think we all have a choice to make but how we make that choice and with what information we base that decision on, its people like you and me who can help inform and enlighten x

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