Fukushima Beta-Radiation Levels Soar To New Record In Aftermath Of Typhoon Wipha

As the true extent of the Fukushima meltdown, after 2&a half years of spewing radiation into the Pacific Ocean, is slowly being realised on the world stage, is enough being done? I very much doubt it as they have no idea where 3 of the cores are. This is a massive issue for the planet but why is so little being done? My opinion, if the Japanese were truthful their stock markets would crash, along with their economy. The motivation is ‘money’ and preserving the status quo, an idiotic and reckless policy that will result in millions of deaths but as long as the stock market is going, all is well. Courtesy of The Hedge:

It is only fitting that on the day the Stalingrad & Poorski 500 rises to a new record high, that that other centrally-planned catastrophe, the exploded Fukushima nuclear power plant, in the aftermath of Japan’s Radioactivetyphoonado reports a completely different record: namely the level of beta radiation levels at Fukushima. Bloomberg notes that the nationalized utility Tepco, which has taken denial to a different superstring dimension altogether, has detected beta radiation levels of 400,000 becquerels per liter in a water sample taken yesterday from a monitoring well near storage tank area H4 at Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant. This was the highest reading on record. This number compares to Beta radiation levels of 61 Bq/L in the sample taken Oct. 16 and 90 Bq/L in the Oct. 15 sample.


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