David Cameron in spotlight over two more peerages to Tory party donors


David Cameron has appointed 22 new political peers, including two big party donors, party treasurer Michael Farmer and Asian businessman Ranbir Singh Suri. Photograph: ELM/Rex Features

Courtesy of Patrick Wintour @ The Guardian:

David Cameron was embroiled in another cash for peerages row after he ennobled two big donors in a 22-strong list of new political peers.

The pair were the Conservative party treasurer Michael Farmer, who has given £5.9m to the party, and an Asian businessman, Ranbir Singh Suri, chairman of Oceanic Jewellers. Labour said that 13 peers created by Cameron since becoming prime minister were Tory donors, including Farmer and Suri. The 13 have collectively given the Tories more than £22m, Labour claimed.

Of the 22, there are 12 Conservative peers, six Liberal Democrats, three Labour and one Democratic Unionist. Half are women.

The Liberal Democrats now have over 100 peers for the first time since the late 1920s and face the prospect of boasting three times more seats in the Lords than MPs after the 2015 election. The political bloc has the ability to be a significant force in British politics after the election and it is likely to be supplemented by a further tranche of MPs in any dissolution honours list.

The most famous Conservative peers are Sir Stuart Rose, the former chief executive of Marks and Spencer, and Karren Brady, the vice-chairman of West Ham United, who is also small business ambassador for the Tories.

Other Tories granted peerages include Dido Harding, the chief executive of the broadband provider TalkTalk; Andrew Cooper, the Tory pollster, and Martin Callanan, former leader of the Tory MEPs and the European Conservatives and Reformists group.

A peerage has also been given to Carlyn Chisholm, the co-chairman of the Conservative candidates’ committee; Natalie Evans, director of the New Schools Network, the charity supporting groups wanting to set up free schools; and Arminka Helic, the special adviser to the ex-foreign secretary, William Hague. Nosheena Mobarik, chairwoman of the Pakistan Britain Trade and Investment Forum, has been rewarded for her work as advocate of ethic minorities in business. Another prominent Tory-supporting businesswoman, Joanna Shields, the prime minister’s digital adviser and chair of Tech City UK, is also elevated.

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How the EU is making NHS privatisation permanent

The NHS is being privatised under the illusion that competition breeds efficiency. What many fail to understand is that the NHS is a monopsony. A monopsony, through its large size passes on savings and cost efficiencies to the patients. Under the guise and instruction of corporations, from Serco, Virgin and private American health care corps they will gut the NHS. Quality of service will go down, jobs will be lost, costs go up and all in aid of private profit which will go up, up and up.

Regardless of what the propaganda in the media betrays, (shame on the BBC for selling us out) the NHS, although not perfect, is one of the best health care systems in the world with many outstanding, dedicated and unsung staff. What our grandparents and parents paid for through their taxes, is being sold off. By an extension of this government action we are all being sold off, welcome to corporate fascism.

What is even more pernicious is TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership which harmonises the EU, UK and US. This agreement will allow corporations to sue governments for loss of future earnings, regardless if they kill 10,000 patients through neglect or incompetence. It will put corporations above governments. That’s right, corporations will have more power than governments and the NHS will be privatised for good.


We are sliding into a society where corporations rule, who do you think are pushing these rules through? Corporations are and for who’s benefit? Ours? Nope, for theirs and at who’s expense? Ours. Does not make sense.

All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing (Edmond Burke)

Cognitive dissonance and apathy are no excuse. Do we not all not have a responsibility to hand over an earth/country/economy in better shape than what we received? Through our very own inaction, we are selling our children and their children and their children into corporate slavery.

Next time you look at your child, niece or nephew, ask yourself this one question; could I willingly and knowingly sell another human into slavery. If the answer is no, make your stand. If you answer yes, you should immediately go and boil your head, post-haste.

Do not think that it would be different under labour or Lib Dem, it won’t because whoever is in charge still takes their orders from the Square Mile. The system is the problem and it is this we need to change! We have political parties to give the illusion of choice. There is no choice. It is easy to blame the EU but it’s our supposed elected leaders who are complicit in all this. Yes our MEP’s are not doing their job but we are consistently and indiscriminately let down by those we put our trust in, MPs, media, corporations, education, councillors et al. Shocking is one word to use.

Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable (JFK)

Courtesy of Benedict Cooper @ The New Statesman:

No doubt the launch of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) in June was cause for much celebration in Brussels. The European Parliament is in the process of enabling a historic shift in world economics with countless, far-reaching consequences.

A key part of the TTIP is ‘harmonisation’ between EU and US regulation, especially for regulation in the process of being formulated. In Britain, the coalition government’s Health and Social Care Act has been prepared in the same vein – to ‘harmonise’ the UK with the US health system.

This will open the floodgates for private healthcare providers that have made dizzying levels of profits from healthcare in the United States, while lobbying furiously against any attempts by President Obama to provide free care for people living in poverty. With the help of the Conservative government and soon the EU, these companies will soon be let loose, freed to do the same in Britain. Continue reading

From Slime Mould to Rhizome

I came across this great link from Williambanzai7 over in the The Hedge comments. If you haven’t checked out his blog I’d highly recommend it, click on the link above. He sums up that the crux of the poltical issue we face is our government has been subverted and the red/blue paradigm is a fallacy. Time to wake up:

You/we are not centrally enclosed and controlled. To the contrary, we are are trapped in a distributed network and being modulated remotely. This is Burrough’s concept of a so called “Society of Control”. Although the Reds seem to be behind the curve technically, this is not a Red or Blue or other labelling phenomena. This is a manifestation of the new techno-corporatist state.

Arguing about which politcal party/ideology is driving these developments is precisely the kind of diversion our apolitical overlords have in mind for us. Take a look who is going to Davos this week to hobnob with Ms. Yahoo and her entourage. Cantor and Boehner, for example. We should utilize the Deleuzean “Rizome” like properties of a distributed network to our own advantage. No matter how much they try to adapt, the statists are essentially in a pyramid formation and therein lies their potential downfall.

Sometimes, my commentary is too compact. However, in this case I would urge anyone who is interested to explore this subject further. What I am talking about is important for those who are trying in their own small way to contribute to a counter statist inertia.

I just Googled Rhizome, for example, and found this: http://www.counter-currents.com/2011/11/from-slime-mould-to-rhizome/

As many of you know, I do not like to engage in political label tossing. What is interesting in this case is it is written by a self described new conservative. Most of what I have seen on the subject has been written by academics or from the perspective of self described radicals and/or social activists. The concept of the Rhizome is not political. It is a “natural” metaphor for operating in a decentralized manner. It is a model for organizing group attributes when facing a deeply entrenched heirarchical structure such as a statist pyramid.

There is not much substance to it. The Global MSM paints anyone who disagrees with the statists as fringe libertarians. It’s just a label. It’s an intellectual short cut.

I will say this as well. The Central Europeans who have not drunk the kool aid understand what it is all about. Surrender one basic freedom and you might as well surrender them all.

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20 MPs believe they are above austerity

As reported in the Telegraph, 20 MPs have pocketed over £1 million in the sale of their second homes that were funded by the tax-payer. The UK is broke but these parasites insist on sucking out as much as they can.

Nick Clegg, often referred to as the thinking mans idiot, handed all the profit he made on the sale of his second home back to the House of Commons authorities in 2011. Fairplay to him for doing the right thing and I applaud his actions!


Unlike Stewart Jackson £54k (Conservative), David Gauke £67k (Conservative) but asked to pay back 27k, Lorely Burt £180k (Lib Dem), Malcolm Bruce £110k, Ronnie Campbell £90k, Angela Smith (Labour) £170k, Hazel Blears (Labour) £120k and Alan Whitehead £89k (Labour).

Why are these people not being held to account by their constituents or the media? Is there a new dancing dog in the Sun or the Mirror that is more important than this? Martin Bell, the former MP who has campaigned for greater transparency on MP expenses et al, said that MPs should repay any profit they make on the properties.

“It’s an open and shut case, of course they should pay it back. There is the spirit of the law, why are they making a personal profit from allowances which they receive from the taxpayer? In this case they very clearly are.”

A total of 29 MPs have been asked to repay profits made since 2010, under new rules that came into effect after the expenses scandal, figures published by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority. If these MPs really cared about the country they’d pay it back and if being a politician wasn’t about lining your pockets at the expense of the country, we wouldn’t have many politicians, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.