Israel Working With Saudi Arabia On Iran “Contingency” Attack

America is faltering and they need a war, they almost had it in Syria but now they have 2 proxy’s to instigate…Saudi Arabia and Israel. They need that war and Iran is set firmly in their sights. With the Israeli propaganda machine beating the hypocritical drum that Iran want a nuclear weapon, even though they are the only ones with them in the ME. Iran has not attacked any country for 300 years, since its inception in 1946, how many wars and international laws have Israel broken? Courtesy of The Hedge:

When last week’s Iran nuclear talks were blocked by France, it provided a useful glimpse into just who it was that would benefit politically from a continuation of the regional confrontation. But while the French sabotage was an amusing distraction, it revealed a curious shift in middle-east alliances, namely old “enemies” Israel and Saudi Arabia, both feeling shunned by Big Brother, suddenly becoming the best of buddies. It was only a matter of time before this novel alliance moved beyond just paper and tested how far it could go in real life. Said test may come far sooner than expected: according to the Sunday Times, Israel’s Mossad and Saudi Arabia are planning an attack against Iran if negotiations and talks don’t come to an agreement, and that Saudia Arabia will permit Israel to use their air space for an attack on Iran including full technical support. Continue reading