Sarajevo Is The Fulcrum Of Modern History: The Great War And Its Terrible Aftermath

Courtesy of David Stockman @ Contra Corner Blog:

One hundred years ago today the world was shook loose of its moorings. Every school boy knows that the assassination of the archduke of Austria at Sarajevo was the trigger that incited the bloody, destructive conflagration of the world’s nations known as the Great War. But this senseless eruption of unprecedented industrial state violence did not end with the armistice four years later.

In fact, 1914 is the fulcrum of modern history. It is the year the Fed opened-up for business just as the carnage in northern France closed-down the prior magnificent half-century era of liberal internationalism and honest gold-backed money. So it was the Great War’s terrible aftermath—–a century of drift toward statism, militarism and fiat money—-that was actually triggered by the events at Sarajevo.

Unfortunately, modern historiography wants to keep the Great War sequestered in a four-year span of archival curiosities about battles, mustard gas and monuments to the fallen. But the opposite historiography is more nearly the truth. The assassins at Sarajevo triggered the very warp and woof of the hundred years which followed.

The Great War was self-evidently an epochal calamity, especially for the 20 million combatants and civilians who perished for no reason that is discernible in any fair reading of history, or even unfair one. Yet the far greater calamity is that Europe’s senseless fratricide of 1914-1918 gave birth to all the great evils of the 20th century— the Great Depression, totalitarian genocides, Keynesian economics, permanent warfare states, rampaging central banks and the exceptionalist-rooted follies of America’s global imperialism.

Indeed, in Old Testament fashion, one begat the next and the next and still the next. This chain of calamity originated in the Great War’s destruction of sound money, that is, in the post-war demise of the pound sterling which previously had not experienced a peacetime change in its gold content for nearly two hundred years.

Not unreasonably, the world’s financial system had become anchored on the London money markets where the other currencies traded at fixed exchange rates to the rock steady pound sterling—which, in turn, meant that prices and wages throughout Europe were expressed in common money and tended toward transparency and equilibrium.

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Radioactive Cesium Recorded at 10 Spots in Pacific Ocean After Fukushima

The mainstream media seems to have forgotten the Fukushima disaster as it continues to spew forth radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean. The nuclear plant was not fixed, not by a long shot and now it is silently polluting the Pacific Ocean with little international outcry. This is just ludicrous, why is there no international pressure on Japan to completely seal the system? If they can’t the people have a right to know! If you want to see how the radioactivity will contaminate the Pacific, please click here for a 10 year time lapse…it’s worrying. People of the world have a right to know that their oceans and food systems are being infected!


From Common

Radioactive cesium from the Fukushima plant was found at 10 points in the Pacific Ocean, including a location as far as 1300 miles from the plant, less than a year after Fukushima nuclear disaster began, scientists revealed on Tuesday.

The Japan Times and Kyodo News reported that the findings were announced by researchers with the Japan Agency for Marine Earth Science and Technology at the Japan Geoscience Union meeting.

At each of the 10 points, located between Japan’s Hokkaido island and Guam, cesium 134 and cesium 137 were detected in the plankton and seawater samples taken by the scientists between January and February 2012, the news agencies report.

The researchers found the highest density of cesium in seawater around latitude 36 to 40 degrees north, while plankton with the highest concentrations of cesium were found around 25 degrees north and 150 degrees east.

“Plankton are thought to play a key role in the dispersion of the cesium because they are eaten by bigger fish. We want to study further what is influencing the accumulation of radioactive cesium,” The Japan Times reports Minoru Kitamura, a marine ecologist and senior researcher at the Japan Agency for Marine Earth Science and Technology, as saying.

The high levels cesium found in the plankton around 25 degrees north presented a “concern,” Kitamura added, saying, “we don’t know why the level got high around that area.”

George Osbourne is inflating another UK housing bubble

George Osbourne is a fool and is criminally culpable in bringing about the next housing bubble and therefore crash. His reckless Keynsian policies of printing and throwing tax payers money at economic problems are further exacerbating the countries problems but will the media hold him accountable for furthering the Ponzi scheme? No. Will the government hold him accountable? No, but will the people hold him accountable? Well they should and I’ll explain why as what he is doing is idiotic, will all end in tears and he will claim, ‘I didn’t see it coming, how could I’? Well if you did your due diligence then George maybe it wouldn’t have you horrid little jumped up turd in a suit.


In this article in the Telegraph economists are saying actually what this scheme is:

Under the plan, the Treasury has committed £3.5bn of shared equity loans to housebuyers and billions more under a new “mortgage guarantee” that moves some default risk on as much as £130bn of new lending from the banks to the taxpayer.

The Chancellor hailed it as a “dramatic intervention to get our housing market moving” by helping buyers lacking large deposits onto the housing ladder. However, economists have warned that it risks inflating another unsustainable property bubble and repeating the US error of subsidising sub-prime lending.

So the bankers stooge, or replace the b with a w, is shifting liability to the taxpayer. This is exactly what happened in the sub prime market in America with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and it will happen over here in the UK. Osbourne is a liar and is culpable in a criminal fraud against the people of the UK.

How is this criminal I hear you ask when all he’s doing is helping first time buyers and getting them onto the property ladder? Our economic system is a debt based system and requires more debt to grow. Thus by offering people who cannot afford to get on the housing ladder a chance to own their own home, when interest rates are extremely low, is financial lunacy. What happens when interest rates go up, and they will as we’ll have some fun in the bond market soon. People will be foreclosed on and kicked out of their home they couldn’t afford in the first place but don’t worry because the UK taxpayer will pick up the tab. Interest rates are historically low and to think they won’t increase is just foolish and naive.


The article goes on to say:

“I don’t know what Help-to-Buy is trying to achieve,” Ms Bell said. “They shouldn’t be helping to increase household debt, or encourage risky lending. Maybe it’s a bail-out of the housing market to prevent write-offs. But there must be better ways of doing that.”

Fathom has forecast that the scheme could push average house prices up by 30pc to £300,000 by the end of 2015, resulting in another housing crash. It has also warned that the Treasury’s other cheap credit scheme, Funding for Lending, is being abused by buy-to-let landlords.

In conclusion, Mr Obourne and his w/banking buddies are fully aware of what can and will happen when this next Ponzi bubble collapses. The taxpayer will be left holding a massive steaming pile of debt which shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Shame on you Mr Osbourne, you are a morally bankrupt criminal politician who represents corporate interests not the peoples interests. I’d like to see you on the gallows, when all is said and done.