Cameron’s internet filter goes far beyond porn – and that was always the plan

It seems to me that everything the UK government touches never provides the designed outcome but something far more sinister. A reduction in rights and privacy is prevelant and this is what we should be concerned with and moving to quell. This is not the behaviour of a healthy and open soceity but one in decline. Courtesy of the The New Statesman:

There is no porn filter, and blocking Childline is not an accident

The idea of an internet porn filter has always been a political fiction, a conveniently inaccurate sound bite used to conjure images of hardcore fisting and anal rape in the feverishly overactive imaginations of middle Britain. What activists actually called for – and ISPs were forced to provide – is an ‘objectionable content’ filter, and there is a vast, damp and aching chasm between the two.


The language of the mythical ‘porn filter’ is so insidious, so pervasive, that even those of us opposed to it have been sucked into its slippery embrace. And so even when it turns out that O2 are blocking the Childline and Refuge websites, or that BT are blocking gay and lesbian content, we tend to regard them as collateral damage – accidental victims of a well-meaning (if misguided) attempt to protect out children from the evils of cock. Continue reading