Today’s Wealth Destruction Is Hidden By Government Debt

Currently what people view as wealth; savings, bonds, insurance policies, stocks and welfare entitlements, when they actually need to draw on them in their retirement. The amounts they think they will receive will not secure their longevity. The wealth transfer is well underway, already shifting trillions of private losses onto public balance sheets.

The more I reflect on this, how insidious and underhanded it is, from the banking, corporate and political class, that it is legalised theft. We are the victims and our wealth is being transferred and eroded, how does that make you feel? That people who you will probably never meet are determining your life and ensuring you will not have the protection or the ability to survive long term. We are being harvested for profit and it will ensure that all assets will be owned by a few. Welcome to the neo-feudal age of the corporatocracy…it doesn’t have to be like this.

There is one choice that all of us have to make, accept it or change it. Courtesy of Phil Bagus of The Ludwig von Mises Institute: Continue reading

Japan’s Issues explained in 1 infographic

As Japan continues to walk down the path of QE to destruction, the below infographic shows clearly why more debt and ‘money printing’ is not the solution but part of the problem. When bond yields (interest rates) increase, Japan will have to create more money to monetize more debt or default but not before hyperinflation rears its head. That will have a catastrophic effect on the world economy but it is a path the Japanese are aimlessly walking down courtesy of terrible policy choice and corrupt politicians.