4 Corporations agree £4.5 deal billion sweetheart tax deal

In this latest article by Rajeev Syal in the Guardian, HMRC has agreed to ‘deals’ with these big corporations such as Vodafone and Goldman Sachs.

An excerpt:

The scale of the government’s “sweetheart” tax deals – individual secret agreements drawn up between tax officials and corporations to settle disputes – can be revealed for the first time after previously unseen documents showed that just four settlements were worth £4.5bn between them.

A leaked document sent by Dave Hartnett, the former head of tax at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), to David Gauke, the exchequer secretary at the Treasury, discloses the figure, which has not been released by HMRC before on the grounds of preserving “taxpayer confidentiality”.”

Not disclosing because of taxpayer confidentiality? This might go to explain why the country is broke. The HMRC is a toothless, not fit for purpose regulator and encouraged by Cameron and Osbourne to allow big corporations to avoid tax. This is effecting all levels of middle class society and down through austerity, do we need austerity or do we need politicians and the HMRC to just do their job competently?


Essentially the UK economy is losing out on £120 billion per year through tax evasion, avoidance and uncollected taxes. This figure is provided b the PCS and Tax justice network. Is this acceptable? Even the HMRC admits to a figure of £30 billion being lost. Who is accountable? It seems that this is acceptable which is just morally repugnant.

‘A spokesman for HMRC said that it could not comment on individual agreements, but “bespoke deals” had been found to be good value.

“The National Audit Office looked into the ‘bespoke governance’ settlements, finding they represented good value for the country and were properly carried out. However, since then we have significantly improved the transparency of the governance around our large business settlements,” he said.’


I have stated before and I will state again, the government is not here for you and me. It is here to serve the central banks, the corporations and their masters. If the government was for we the people, we would have full media coverage of the above chart from the guardian and tax loop holes in the UK and the world would be closed. We would collect all the taxes that have been avoided and austerity would be halted.

I intend to write to my MP and I hope you feel the need to write too. If we make enough noise, maybe just maybe they’ll listen