The Probability Of A Stock Market Crash Is Soaring

The writing is on the wall for all to see, with another market correction likely through lax monetary policy and from a central monetary authority who are incompetent at best. If the information is available, why is the response nonexistent? Courtesy of The Hedge:

While some individual stocks (cough TWTR cough) may have reached irrational bubble territory, the US equity market is undergoing a seemingly ‘rational’ bubble. However, as John Hussman illustrates in the following chart, the probability of a stock market crash is growing extremely rapidly.


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S&P 500 Charts that don’t make sense

When earnings are dropping but the S&P is rising, alarm bells should be ringing. This is counter intuitive and shows another bubble is brewing courtesy of quantitative easing and people are rushing to get in in the rise, which will turn the other way in a brutal way. Get your money out of the markets while you still can.