Monsanto trying to outlaw organic seeds in the EU

I have pretty strong feelings when it comes to GM food and Monsanto! There’s countless evidence on the web that GM food is carcinogenic and nutritionally substandard than food produced by organic or natural seeds.


I intend to write a piece on GM food soon but picked this up from Greenreview blog. Monsanto have already had legislation passed ‘The Monsanto Protection Act’ in the USA which essentially makes it impossible to sue and leads them to be above the law. Not mentioning the 300,000 Indian farmers that have committed suicide because of these faceless feckless morally bankrupt poor excuses for sub-human beings, the board of Monsanto.

A question I have to ask is why is this not receiving media attention in the UK?

Article in full:

‘The European Union minions in Brussels/Strasbourg are working on controlling what foods we can eat. No, I am not jesting.

They are aiming to ban, as in outlaw, all heirloom and non-hybrid seeds, even for personal garden use, as well as the growing of such plants, the retention of their seeds (and seeds also from hybrid seeds for future use) and the taking and passing on of cuttings.

This way they will regulate what kinds of vegetables we can buy and even grow ourselves, and those will all have to be approved hybrid varieties and thus all only and rare vegetables will no longer have a chance.

As the collection and keeping of seeds and passing on from one gardener to another will also be punishable by law it means that we will have to – annually – go to authorized seeds merchants and buy our seeds for our garden.

Agribusiness, especially the big plant breeders, such as Monsanto, have been lobbying the EU commissioners for the last five plus years to create law that will do this and thus make it impossible for the people to avoid buying seeds from that company and others.

They have been working out, one can but guess, that people were voting with their feet and decided to grow their own food and especially here gardeners were aiming to use non-hybrid seeds and also to keep seeds from the harvests back for future use and also to share with other gardeners.

Therefore the EU commissioners have been lobbied hard to outlaw this practice and if the revised proposed seed regulation becomes EU law then we will all be forced to, if we wish to grow our own food, to grow only what they permit and keeping seeds back from the harvest for use next year will be punishable by this law.

How they are going to enforce this is, obviously, a question but if heirloom varieties are no longer available and organic seeds – for it would appear that they also will fall foul of this proposed legislation – then policing will be hardly necessary anyway.

This proposed legislation from Brussels proves yet again that the European Union is far from being a good thing for the people of Europe; the opposite rather, and the sooner it is put to death the better.

While this issue is all over the news in Germany and some other continental EU countries not a single word is mentioned of this issue in the media in the UK or Eire.

Time for a serious change to our system is needed…’

When this comes to parliament or to the EU parliament we need to rally against this, we get out of our body what we put in!